Roasted Poblanos in Cream Sauce (Rajas con Crema)

The first time I had poblanos in a cream sauce (rajas de poblano con crema), it was at the breakfast buffet at a resort in Ixtapa, Mexico. Now, as you can tell from the photo, this isn ’t the most attractive dish in the world. But I promise you, if you like poblano chile peppers, […]

Roasted Green Chiles in a Light Vinaigrette

Every year in August and September our garden is awash in green chiles— poblanos and Anaheims. Every few days we ’ll pick several and take them into the kitchen to roast. Our favorite way to eat them? Marinated with a little olive oil, vinegar, and salt. That ’s all. Sort of like the traditional preparation […]

How to Roast Green Chiles at Home

Green chiles—Hatch, Anaheim, poblanos—are staples of southwestern cooking, and almost every recipe that uses them requires that they be roasted first. Why roast green chiles? Because the flavor of roasted green chiles is amazing; they ’re just so much better roasted than raw. To roast a green chile you need to char the outside peel, […]